7 Data Entry Jobs You Can Do in Your Spare Time

Data Entry Jobs
Data Entry Jobs

7 Data Entry Jobs You Can Do in Your Spare Time

If you’re looking to make some extra money on the side and you’re comfortable doing it from home, data entry jobs are an excellent way to go about it. Data entry jobs range in difficulty level, pay rate, and time commitment but they all require you to be detail-oriented, have good writing skills and the ability to work under pressure. These are the best data entry jobs available right now!

1) Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are an excellent, flexible way to earn some extra income from the comfort of your own home. They can be hired for a project-based agreement, or full-time with a company. The average annual salary for a virtual assistant is about $36,000 per year. Virtual assistants work remotely and typically do administrative tasks such as answering emails, taking messages for others, scheduling appointments and organizing files. Some even make social media posts for clients. With hours that can be scheduled around other obligations, this job is perfect for stay-at-home moms who want to make money on their own time.

2) Receiving Remote Invoices

The ability to work remotely and set your own hours is one of the benefits of data entry jobs. Think about it: you can be a data entry employee at a company, but still have time to do other things.

That’s the beauty of remote invoicing jobs! This blog post will walk you through what that job entails and why it might be for you. What are Remote Invoice Data Entry Jobs? Remote invoice data entry jobs involve creating professional invoices using detailed instructions provided by the employer or hiring agency.

These instructions usually involve adding dates, prices, etc., and these elements may vary depending on the type of invoice being created. Some companies require all required information to be entered into designated fields while others may provide clients with templates that only need certain pieces of information filled in such as a name or address.

Once an invoice has been completed, it is sent back to the employer or hiring agency for review before being sent out via email or mailed via physical mail.

There are no specific skills required for this type of job so anyone who has had some experience with computers should have no problem getting started!

3) Get Paid to Review Products Online

Companies will pay you to review their products, and they often send you the product to test out. If you like it, great! If not, they want your honest opinion so they can improve the quality of their product. It’s easy money that anyone can do in their spare time. We’ve compiled a list of companies who are willing to give away freebies in exchange for an honest review. Check them out below!

4) Create an Online Store

Here are some ideas for online stores you can start this summer:

  • Handmade/crafts: Etsy is a great place to sell hand-crafted or homemade goods.
  • Clothing: If you have a particular style that you want to sell, think about starting your own clothing line and selling it on your website or through sites like Shopify.
  • Fashion accessories: A lot of people don’t know that the fashion accessory industry is huge – and if you’re creative, there’s a lot of room for creativity here. From jewelry to scarves, to handbags, there are many ways to make money with fashion accessories.

5) Become a Transcriber

Transcribing is a great way to make money, especially if you have a flexible schedule. Transcription is the process of converting spoken words into written text, usually for the purposes of recording or editing. There are many other benefits to this job as well such as: You can work from home, which means no commute and more time with your family *It’s an easy way to earn some extra cash each month *You don’t need any qualifications or experience to get started and it’s a low-risk, low-commitment opportunity for anyone just trying to make some money on the side

6) Start Your Own Website Business

The best data entry jobs are ones that you can do from home. There are many companies that hire people to work from home on a full-time basis, but if you’re just looking for some extra money, here are a few good places to find work.

Amazon is always hiring people to help sort and pack orders, so if you don’t mind being at your computer all day this might be the perfect opportunity. Google hires people to do transcription jobs, which involves listening to recordings and typing up what they hear. The hours are flexible so it’s a great choice for someone who wants more freedom with their schedule.

There are also plenty of small businesses that need help with administrative tasks such as data entry or answering emails.

7) Write Children’s Books (Or Someone Else’s!)

If you are looking for data entry jobs, you may want to consider writing children’s books. As a new freelancer, the hardest part of finding new clients is getting your name out there and building an online presence. One way to do this is by writing children’s books as a freelancer. There are many companies that will hire freelancers to create their own original work or edit existing work.

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